The missing link in eCommerce.


Connect shops

Multishop gives you control over your webshops. Connect them through our easy to use interface, no coding needed! Before you know it all your valuable shop data is combined in just one dashboard!

Multi platform support

We support the biggest eCommerce platforms in the world, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify are just a quick crab of our ever growing list of supported platforms!

Scalable & Secure

Multishop is completely cloud hosted. From small to big marketeers we got you covered. Of course your data is our biggest concern, please take a look at our data security page for more information.

Custom tailored dashboard

Our dashboards are custom tailored to your needs! Get valuable insights by combining data from your different webshops in one easy to use dashboard.

Pricing? That’s easy.

Multishop silver

$5.00 / month

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Unlimited shops

30 day data retention

Export functionality

Multishop Gold

$25.00 / month

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Unlimited shops

Unlimited data retention

Export functionality

Bulk order edit functionality

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One shop limitation

7 day data retention

Take a look at our introduction video

A quick introduction to our next generation platform!


Easily connect multiple webshops, even across multiple platforms! No coding needed.

We’ve put in hours of development to create far going API integrations with the biggest eCommerce platforms around the world!


Get a easy insight into your revenue, profits, shipping costs and stock levels!

We’ve built this system with knowledge of almost all eCommerce platforms out there. Combining the best functions gives you the easiest dashboard out there!

Built for you

Incredible Value


Companies just like yours are already loving Multishop

  • We have been using this platform for three years and are a big contributor in new functionalities to make this platform the best it can be. As a eFullfillment partner we noticed years ago that IT was the most important USP. Combining our IT with Multishop gave us the opportunity to expand even faster and connect clients within hours instead of days!

    3 years experience
  • Multishop brings us the technology we need to manage our WMS. In eFullfillment certainty and security are key. Clever and deep integration allows us to switch versions, do updates or maintenance with zero down time.

    Nic Oud
    2 years experience
  • For our webshops scalability is always an issue. While the eCommerce platforms are scaling up, our distributors are stuck on single server setups with almost no retention. Multishop gives us the certainty no orders get lost in the process, even if the distributors are offline or having problems!

    1 year experience
  • As one of the first Warehouse Management Software builders in Holland to connect to Multishop we could bring our customers the next generation of customer support and satisfaction.

    3 years experience

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